Frequently Asked Questions for Global AED Reports

There are more than 1.2 million AEDs in public places in the United States, and about 180,000 more are installed each year. That’s great news, but it would be even better if 911 operators could easily access a database of AED locations to get help for cardiac arrest victims faster.

We have created a national registry of AEDs to help locate these life-saving devices. You can help us by entering the AED you have found into this registry.

We are putting a small sticker on each AED which can be scanned with a smartphone when the AED is used, moved, or repaired in any way. If the AED is used, the medics will scan the sticker and information will go into a database. This database is maintained by the University of Washington-Harborview Center for Prehospital Emergency Care and is supported by the FDA and private AED manufacturers.

The AED near you may never be used, but if it is, we want to make sure it is in working condition and can be used to help save someone’s life.

If you are the owner of the AED or are in charge of the AED, we will send you labels and instructions on how to enter this AED into our registry. Click here for more information.

Most AEDs you see are eligible to be entered into the registry. These include AEDs found in the following locations:

  • movie theaters,
  • schools,
  • recreation/athletic centers,
  • dentist offices,
  • etc.

AEDs found in the following locations are not eligible:

  • in-patient healthcare facilities (such as hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, etc.),
  • private residences (such as someone's home),
  • ambulances,
  • police cars,
  • air planes,
  • fire engines.

If in doubt, contact us.

When you replace the AED pads, change the battery, change the AED location, remove the AED or use the device, we ask that you:

  1. Scan the QR code with a smartphone (use any QR code app)
  2. Follow the scanned URL
  3. Note the changes made to the device on the website.

* You can scan the QR code and update the device serial number and model number if you would like to receive notifications in case of device recall.

The appropriate personnel from the business should be contacted to place the label on the AED themselves. Please click here to provide us with the address of the business and we will contact them to add this AED into the registry.

Do you have additional questions not answered here? Contact us.