Welcome to the Dynamic AED Registry!

We appreciate you working with us to improve the community response to cardiac arrest.

Did you know that an AED (automated external defibrillator) could save your life? If you have a cardiac arrest and receive defibrillation within three minutes, your chances of surviving are as high as 70%.

We have created a national registry of AEDs to help locate these life-saving devices. You can help us by entering the AED you have found into this registry. We are putting a small sticker on each AED which can be scanned with a smartphone when the AED is used, moved, or repaired in any way.

Report an AED

Do you own or manage AEDs and want to make sure the AED can be located if someone collapses due to cardiac arrest?

Is there a label like this on the AED?

Yes. I found a label like this on the AED.

If you found a label that looks like the one shown here, this AED is in our system. If you have anything you want to report about the AED such as “we moved it to a new location” or “we just changed the battery”, etc., scan it with an app on your smartphone using any QR code app such as QR Reader.

No. I did not find a label like this on the AED.

To add this AED to our registry, attach and scan a label.

Order Labels

Can't wait for your label to arrive?

Register now, enter the AED information and attach the label later.

Does it cost anything to participate in this registry?

No. There is no charge to you to have an AED included in the Dynamic AED Registry.

We already keep records and maintain our AEDs, why should we do this?

The information collected in this registry is important for improving AED use in the community. By allowing us to place a sticker on the AED, we will have more ways to help people who suffer a sudden cardiac arrest.

Do you have more questions? Check our FAQ.